Volunteer Association of Marche Region


CSV Marche is a federation of 400 volunteering organizations pursuing the qualification of volunteering in the territory of Marche Region. The elected Board is composed only by volunteers and it defines the political guidelines of volunteering organizations.
Internal staff is composed by 22 full time employees and by external experts; it has its main place in Ancona, 5 provincial head centers and 19 secondary information desks. CSV Marche delivers free services such as administrative and fiscal advises, communication, promotion, support to project development and to collaboration with public administration. In particular promotion is
aimed at spreading the knowledge and practice of active volunteering, good practice and the culture of solidarity. Also CSV Marche works for the implementation of training sercives and events and qualified support to voluntary organizations.
CSV Marche budget amounts to two milions euros.
CSV Marche has electronic equipments, rooms for training and public meetings. CSV Marche also publish a newspaper in the region target to local and regional institutions, volunteering organizations and NGOs, has a website, newsletter sent to 5000 contacts.
Among the volunteering organizations associated to CSV Marche around 20% carry out activities in the field of assistance and 7% of them carry out activities in the field of assistance to elderly. 

CSV Marche and the NET-Age Project

As federation of 400 volunteering organizations guarantees high impact of NET-Age results on territory and high involvement of volunteering associations in project activities. In this way it actively contributes to the reach of NET-Age results, improving the capacity of volunteering organizations to play a strategic role in the design, implementation, development and government of social services. Thanks to previous collaboration with LB, CSV Marche naturally keeps the role of local partner in the building up of public-private partnership to deliver more efficient social services as aimed by Net-Age. In particular, CSV Marche plays in Marche Region a crucial role in providing social services and thanks to their long-lasting experience it knows elderly users’ needs. Thus its role is fundamental in the future application of OMC and bottom-up approach in the policies definition process as one of the major results of NET-Age project.
Thanks to its experiences and skills CSV Marche is Responsible of WP4 and Coordinates Networking Working Group. In fact, one of the most important activities of CSV Marche is the local promotion of networks and the improvement of the existent ones between volunteering organizations and between volunteering local public institutions. AVM is working to support volunteering
organizations in the territory and it has increased its knowledge and longlasting contacts with more or less all the volunteering organizations. According to the social accountability report-2010, around 1600 volunteering organizations are on the territory of Marche Region and 96% of them know the activities managed by AVM-CSV. Thus, AVM easily selects volunteers that join the training session and mobility programme as foreseen in the Act.4.2 and 4.3. 


Name of the contact person: Gianluca Frattani
Position in the entity: Head of Europe Area
via della Montagnola 69/a - Ancona - Italy
General telephone number: 0039 071 894266
Email: europa@csv.marche.it
Telephone number: 0039 334 6994697
Fax number: 0039 071 2809039
Organization’s website: