Udruga Mi


Association MI has been active since 1996. It was formed in the mid-nineties at the time of emerging initiatives for improving community life and advancing the democratic process. The association members are professionals in the field of human sciences, aiming to support the development of community through cooperation, civil activism and social inclusion programs. The association was organized as an active non-profit business entity that employs 10 people. The organization is founder of three deferent entities: Mi centre for assistance and care, social non - profit institution providing help to the elderly (10 employees), the Foundation "Kajo Dadić" (three employees), social enterprise “Zelena mreža” (two employees). The Association conducts its activities in main areas:
   -   Community development and democratization (Regional support centre for CSO, Regional Volunteer centre);
   -   Social entrepreneurship promotion and sustainable community development programs;
   -   Psychosocial support;
   -   Social service provision - Mi and the wisdom of Split program, Golden Age Community Centre- Daily centre for elderly;

Association also coordinates the activities of the Forum of Civil Society Organisations of Split-Dalmatia County. We are member and co-founders of Croatian Network of Volunteer Centres and members of National program for regional development of CSO in Croatia funded by National foundation for CSO development. Association MI received the Medal of the City of Split for humanitarian activities and development of volunteering and two national awards for volunteering.

The Association Mi and NET-Age project

In the NET-Age project our responsibility is WP2: Communication and dissemination activities. The aims are setting out the Net-Age communication and dissemination strategy to policy makers, CSO and other IPA /EU regions to capitalize project results and create new strategic cross border partnerships. We led Joint communication team which is in charge of the on-going coordination and implementation of the foreseen activities. Regarding the project proposal we prepare Communication and dissemination manual, external communication tools and for dissemination activities during the project. As one of the project partners we will participate in internal meetings, training programs and mobility program, as well as in partnership with local partner in creating local SWOT analyses and mapping relevant stakeholders in social service provision. In local level we are responsible for local exchange workshops and capitalization events for local CSO.


Name of the contact person: Nives Ivelja
Position in the entity: Director
Telephone number: 0038 521329136
Fax number: 0038 521329131
Organization’s website: