Provincial Bureau for Social Welfare


The Provincial Institute of Social Welfare  is established in 2006. Our vision is developed and efficient social welfare system that respects human rights, meets the real needs of people and ensures their social inclusion. Our mission is to contribute to improving the social welfare system through empowering all stakeholders for the benefit of people in Vojvodina. The main fields of Institute’s work are research and analysis, professional support and supervision of professional work, professional training and information&promotion. Since establishment, we have implemented and participated in number of pojects targeting elderly,  children and other marginalized groups.

The Institute is actively involved in the national reform of social welfare system, and has worked on developing and pyloting national standards for social services.  The professional training and supervisory support we provide to social services providers (NGO-s, public institutions), and centers for social work. During 2009-2010 we implemented project "Capacity building of public administration, government and nonprofit sector in AP Vojvodina in the social field" funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of the Czech Republic, in partnership with Czech Republic Olomouc Region. The project aimed at exchange of experiences/joint conference in Novi Sad and exchange of study visits. At the end of the rpoject we printed the manual on social services, among them services for elderly, that  were being provided in Vojvodina and Czech Republic.

"Promoting the debate on social inclusion in Serbia" was the project of Ministry for Labor and Social Policy supported by the PROGRESS 2007-2013, and implemented in 2009-2010. The Institute participated in this project in partnership with 6 other institutions and NGO-s. Activities that were realized during the project: Local, regional, national and international events aimed at strengthening the capacity of various stakeholders, including civil society, local government and services, media and decision makers.

The Institute was partner on „Integrated home care: new model of interventions“ project, implemented in 2008 by the Ministry of Economy of the Republic of Italy. The project piloted integrated social-health services for old people in Serbia and created the network of relevant stakeholders.

Provincial Bureau for Social Welfare and the NET-Age Project

The Institute will be involved in all project activities, and will be responsible for the WP 5: Development of Pilot Actions to define new way of joint actions of public-volunteering. WP 5 aims at implement tailored activities that directly have an high impact on social and political development of Net-Age regions, on the organization of social-health services to elderly, that contributes to the application/reinforcement of one of the most important instruments in support of social development in the EU, i.e. the Open Method of Coordination in the field of social protection (elderly assistance). It includes:

  • local workshops for the in-depth analysis of problems already identified in the local SWOT Analysis, and the state of art of the actions carried out and to define a common strategy to critically approach the aspects;
  • local conference with policy makers competent in social-health services;
  • white paper documents including recommendations to policymaker to adopt a new approach to social planning based on the OMC and including the main Net-Age results that can be capitalized at local level;
  • pilot action implemented to concretely test the joint planning and delivering of social-health services to elderly;



Street: Bulevar Mihajla Pupina
City: Novi Sad
Region: Republic Serbia, Province of Vojvodina
General telephone number: + 381 21 425 854; 425 836
Name of the contact person: Tatjana Lazor Obradovic
Position in the entity: Advisor
Telephone number: + 381 63 504 276
Fax number: + 381 21 425 836
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