Municipality of Kanal ob Soci


Municipality of Kanal ob Soči with 5663 inhabitants (Statistical Office of the Republic of Slovenia, 2012) is considered a medium-sized municipality, regarding the number of population, of Slovenia. Whereas the territorial area of 146.5 km2, makes it one of the top 50 Slovenian municipalities outof a total of 210. It is located in the western part of the country near the border with Italy. The territory of the municipality extends over three different parts of the landscape: hilly Kanalski Kolovrat, the central part of the Soča River valley and the western edge of the plateau Banjška.

It was formed by the division of Nova Gorica municipality in 1994, based on the Law on Local Self-Government. Municipal center, cultural and economic center is the village kanal. The municipality is divided into eight village communities. It has its own coat of arms, flag and municipal holiday, celebrated on 29th April.

The Municipality of Kanal ob Soci is the NET-Age FB10.
The added value of the Municipality of Kanal ob Soci as a partner in NET-Age is related to the good knowledge of the situation in Slovenia, in particular about elderly assistance, which will contribute to successfull mapping within the WP3, a willingness to finance and implement pilot projects, specially for eldery day and home care, to realize pilot projects and new approaches to better health, long-activity and self-sufficiency of ageing people and to develop the innovative/new governance model among local actors and volunteering associations.

The institutional role, the networking initiatives with local associations of pensioners are competences and capacities that fit well within the project tasks. The long term experience with the NGOs and volunteering in management of common issues in the elderly assitance field, the constant monitoring of the situation of elderly care in the region and the municipality are additional valuable capacities and know how that can be used in the project implementation, especially to be shared with the other FBs to promote innovative services to the elderly through the exchange of technical and governmental expertise and the exchange of best practice between volunteering associations and local/public authorities. The mobility round hosted by the Municipality is a good occasion for sharing and exchanging experiences.

Municipality of Kanal ob Soci and the NET-Age Project

Tasks within the WP:

  • WP1: review of the draft and signing of Partnership Agreement, validation of management tools, collaboration in the development of mapping criteria (LP here Podgorica), review and approval of project documentselaboration of six-monthly Progress Reports and project progress Reports, elaborationa of the Final Report, attending at the internal meetings, organization of one internal meeting;
  • WP2: review and approval of Dissemination Plan and of Communication Strategy, six-monthly newsletters and press releases, participation in press conferences, articles, speaking opportunities and networking events, organization of press conference, the translation of the website contents and putting the link of the Net-age website to our home page, organization of a conference for representatives of authorities;
  • WP3: mapping of stakeholders, SWOT analysis, participation in the preparation of the joint draft Report on synergies;
  • WP4: participation in the drafting and implementation of the Joint Activities Plan, organization of the III training session, participation in training Sessions, mobility rounds, hosting a mobility round , organization of training, study visit of good practice in Bologna and Novi Sad;


Street: Trg svobode 23
City: 5213 Kanal
Region: Goriška statistical region
General telephone number: 00 386 5 398 12 00
Name of the contact person: Klara Golja
Position in the entity: Manager of the project
Telephone number: 00 386 5 39 81 218
Fax number:00 386 5 398 12 14
Organization’s website: