Lead Beneficiary: Marche Regional Authority - Health and Social Services Department - Implementation of Social Programme Unit

About the LB

The Social Policy Service of the Marche Regional Authority counts on about thirty employees and is organized in three sections: the “Social Policy Service”, the “Social Programming Unit”, and the “Childhood, Family, Charities and Third Sector Registers”. These thematic areas works on the planning of interventions to specific target groups (elderly, disables, children, families, immigrants..). The “Social Programming Unit” is committed to the coordination of local actions and the planning of interventions and approaches to activate social Welfare policies, with particular attention to Elderly, Social Services and Third Sector (Associations, Voluntary organizations, NGOs).
Concerning the elderly care policy, it represents one of the top political priority of the Regional Government. About 24% of residents in the Region are over 65 years old and the number of elderly and related ratio will increase in the next decades. Regional policies aim to guarantee high quality of life of elderly, to support them in daily life, care and assistance. The elderly care policy has been started only recently and this has not enabled the regional administration to adapt to the characteristics and needs of such a costly and complex area of work.
Marche Region hosts INRCA – the Italian leading public Institute (with 1076 employees) in gerontology and geriatrics, devoted to improve quality of life of the elderly. Marche Regional Government, INRCA and the Italian Ministry of Health funded the “Italian Healthy Ageing Network” aimed at coordinating medical, social, economic and technological scientific expertise on social health policies guidance, treatment protocols on active healthy ageing. In particular, at Statutory Level, the Network foresees –among others- the promotion and care of elderly towards protecting life styles; the promotion of knowledge of assistive models and care of impaired elderly.

The LB and NET-Age project

The LB has one of the highest rate in EU of ageing and it is deeply involved in the strategy that recognize ageing as a priority in the current programming period. The 26% of aged people (over 65 years old) receive home care assistance by volunteering people (charity, religious and NGOs associations, civil service people etc.. ). In some cases, older people provide unpaid and volunteering care to other family members or elderly. Volunteering associations actively contributes to active and healthy ageing.
The collaboration with volunteering associations has to be improved and NET-Age project represents a real opportunity in the achievement of this goal.
From 2007, Marche Region Authority is working on the development of regional technological cluster –i-Live focused on smart home for elderly. Other EU initiatives aimed at improving the governance model to face in the most efficient way the ageing of population and related challenged have been runned, such as: JADE (7PQ), INNOVAge (INTERREG IVC), SEEINNOVA (SEE), WIDER (MED) projects.
As concern national initiatives, the Social Programming Unit is leading the project “UP-TECH”, an experimentation about the use of technologies for the domiciliary care of elderly suffering from Alzheimer Disease (AD) and Senile Dementia.


Name of the contact person: Giovanni Santarelli
Position in the entity: Head of Social Programming Unit
Email: giovanni.santarelli@regione.marche.it
Telephone number: 0039 071 806 4021
Fax number: 0039 071 8064041
Organization’s website: http://www.servizisociali.marche.it




SVIM and the NET-Age Project 

SVIM – Sviluppo Marche SpA is the Regional Development Agency of Marche Region that, since 1999, has provided a crucial link between the needs of territory and Government policies in a bottom up approach. SVIM operates in compliance with regional guidelines for the improvement and support of regional productive structure and through a core strategy focused on European and International projects, working in synergy with all the local stakeholders operating within the territory (enterprises, universities, research centers, etc). SVIM core strategy is focused on European and International projects. In particular, SVIM implemented several projects with the LB in the field of social policies and elderly people: the OPEN project (PROGRESS) to promote the Open Method of Coordination, JADE project (7FP,Capacities,ROK), INNOVAge project (INTERREG IVC).
Since 2007, SVIM has been supporting the Marche Region Authority in launching a regional research driven cluster focused on ambient intelligence technology for elderly independent living and Eco-sustainability.
Thanks to its role and expertise, SVIM naurally plays the role of Technical Secretariat in the project, supporting the LB and all Final Beneficiaries in the project management and implementation.


Name of the contact person: Ida Prosperi
Position in the entity: Head of European and Internationalisation Policies Area
Email: iprosperi@svimspa.it ; lpapi@svimspa.it
Telephone number: 0039 071 806 4526
Organization’s website: http://www.svimspa.it