Institute of public health


Institute of Public Health is licensed scientific-research institution. Institute of Public Health as a preventive-medical-health organization at tertiary level of health care system, covers: monitoring, researching and studying of population health and health culture, influence of environment on protection of population health, causes, spreading and prevention of infectious diseases, factors of risk of chronic non- infectious diseases and other diseases of high social-medical significance as well as organization, working and development of health service and proposing and caring out appropriate measures for prevention and improvement of population health . Among other tasks, IPH deals with healthy lifestyles, quality of nutrition and nutrition habits, analyzing of health quality of foods, consumer goods and drinking water. IPH monitors, analyses and evaluates influence of environment (air, soil and noise) on population health. There are six centres in the Institute of Public Health: Centre for Science, Centre for Health Promotion, Centre for Disease Control and Prevention, Centre for Development of Health Care System; Centre for Medical Microbiology, Centre for Hygiene and Health Ecology.    


Institute of Public Health and the NET-Age Project

Institute of Public Health has significant influence on defining health care policy and especially vulnerably population groups, such as elderly. This institution, at tertiary level, collects, monitors and presents data, makes conclusions and distributes information based on which responsible Ministry creates policy. Considering that this institution employs professionals of different types in the field of public health, it is possible to realize multispectral approach in the field of care, in both heath and social care, as in the elderly population elements of health and social care are integrated in one.


Street: Dzona Dzeksona bb
City: Podgorica
General telephone number: +382 20 412 888
Name of the contact person: Prof dr Agima Ljaljević
Position in the entity: Director of the Centre for Health Promotion
Telephone number: +382 20 412 888
Fax number: +382 20 243 728
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