Caritas Albania


Caritas Albania is a charitable organisation that works to improve the quality of life of the poorest and most needy people in Albania. It was founded in 1993 and is recognised by the Albanian State. Caritas Albania is a member of Caritas International, the worldwide network of Catholic relief organisations. Caritas Albania consists of five specialized functional departments, each implementing projects and providing expertise in their own subject area. These are: the Health Department, the Social Department, the Anti-Trafficking and Women’s Empowerment Department, the Finance Department and the Fundraising Department. By using the Albanian Catholic Church’s unique network of parishes, churches, clergy and religious communities, Caritas Albania is able to bring about positive change in all areas of Albania, from the biggest cities to the most remote rural communities. Through training and development of individuals in the public and voluntary sectors, Caritas ensures long-term, sustainable improvements in the quality of life of the Albanian people. All activities managed by Caritas Albania over the past 20 years have been carried out in close co-operation with volunteers and donors. The common goal of these activities is based on core values of love, compassion and solidarity with those in need. But relief and assistance is delivered on the basis of need, regardless of religious belief, ethnicity or social status. Caritas Albania, manages, develops and builds social institutions and initiatives such as schools, health centres, hospitals, roads, bridges, water supply systems, shelters, schools and social centres for children, young people, and groups in need, such as seriously families with ill children and trafficked women. Our mission is achieved by working in close collaboration with our dioceses: Tirane-Durres, Rreshen, Shkoder, Sapa, Lezhe and Jug. Due to the group efforts we have been able to cover the major part of the Albanian territory.

Charitas Albania and NET-Age Project

The global economic crisis, which started back in 2008 and now it’s showing its first signs in Albania, has negative effects that go beyond the financial and economic sectors. The financial crisis, and reactive-politics that will be implemented by the Albanian government, have a direct, and diverse, impact on its citizens, especially senior citizens. Caritas Albania, whose mission is to improve the quality of life of poorest and neediest in Albania, has joined Adriatica IPA’s project NET-Age, in a bid to gain insights on better and more efficient management of resources and strengthening the demographic process focusing on innovative social and health service for the elderly. The goals set by NET-Age are in full accordance with Caritas Albania’s credo for value and dignity of human life and aid based on spiritual and human values.


Street: Rruga Don Bosko, nr.4
City: Tirane, 1000
Region: Albania
General telephone number: 0035 542230088
Name of the contact person: Elona Memetaj
Position in the entity: Head of Health Sector
Telephone number: 0035 5686035986
Fax number: 0035 542234327
Organization’s website: