NET-Age project addresses issues that need intervention at Cross Border level and that Beneficiary cannot efficiently face locally, taking advantage from the on-going initiative to form the Adriatic-Ionian Macro-Region. In consideration of the common background and demographic trend pressing on the whole Adriatic area, NET-Age beneficiaries (from 7 Regions located in 6 Adriatic Countries) decided to experiment joint activities and find common solutions in the field of elderly assistance-home care.
A real added value for the partnership is the balanced participation from EU Member States, Candidate Countries (CC) , Pre Candidate Countries (PCC) as well as the right mix of competences and experiences offered by the partners involved. Beneficiaries from PCC-CC take advantage from the mobility rounds and training sessions organized in the EU Member States to increase their competencies and gained directly knowledge of their political systems and infrastructures. the NET-Age partnership represents a real added value also for the activities realized at local level. In fact, it was built up in coherence with the project objective of improving the collaboration of public-no profit Volunteering stakeholders in the elderly assistance. Thus, in each territory, 1 public authority and 1 volunteering association was selected in order to close collaborate in the project implementation and bejond.

Members of NET-Age Partnership

The Lead beneficiary of project is Marche Regional Authority Social Programming Unit - Social Policy Service from Italy. The LB is supported in the project management and coordination by SVIM – its regional Development Agency, acting as Technical Secreteriat in the project
Final beneficiaries are from Italy: Volunteer Association of Marche Region and Emilia Romagna Region – Department for Promotion of Social Policies and integration of immigration, volunteering, association and Third Sector;  from Croatia:City of Split and Association MI (Udruga MI); from Albania: Regional Council of Lezha and Caritas Albania; from Montenegro: Institute of Public Health and Association for Democratic Prosperity –Zid; from Serbia: Provincial Bureau for Social Welfare and Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre; from Slovenia -  Municipality of Kanal ob Soci and Regional Federation of Pensioners' Association (RFPA) Severne Primorske.
Associate Partner is the European Volunteer Centre from Brussels.

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  • Marche Regional Authority - Implementation of Social Planning Unit - Social Policies Department: Via Gentile da Fabriano, 3 - Ancona;
  • AVM - Volunteer Association of Marche Region: Via Montagnola 69,a - Ancona;
  • City of Split: Obala kneza Branimira 17, 21000 - Split;
  • Udruga Mi: Sinjska 7, 21000 - Split;
  • Regional Council of Lezha: Sheshi Gjergj Kastrioti, 4501-4502 - Lezhe;
  • Caritas Albania: Rr. Don Bosko, nr. 4, , 1025 - Tirane;
  • Institute of Public Health: Dzona Dzeksona bb, 81000 - Podgorica;
  • Association for Democratic Prosperity - Zid: VII Omladinske 30, 81000 - Podgorica;
  • Provincial Bureau for Social Welfare: Bulevar Mihajla Pupina 25, 21000 - Novi Sad;
  • Novi Sad Humanitarian Centre: Arse Teodorovica 3, 21000 - Novi Sad;
  • Municipality of Kanal ob Soci: Trg svobode 23, SI-5213 - Kanal;
  • Regional Federation of Pensioners' Association (RFPA) Severne Primorske, Erjavceva 35, 5000, Nova Gorica;
  • Emilia Romagna Region - Department for Promotion of Social Policies and integration of immigration, volunteering, association and Third Sector: Viale Aldo Moro 21, 40127 - Bologna;
  • CEV - Rue de la Science 10 - Brussels;